Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hey Soul Sister...

This is my second post and its a greeting card.
I have a sister 3 years elder to me. Last month, I made this card for her birthday. I gave her a nice looking handbag alongwith it.
It took me two days to get the sketches and the colours right. I started out with a pencil design for the card. But improvised while actually qilling.
I quilled her name on the card with a personal message inside.
And voila!! Here it is:

A closer look (letters A S H)

A closer look (letters H I M A)

Being a teetotaller, I made a tea cup at the base of "S". I also tried to make a balloon/ parachute for the dot of "I" and ended with a half sun on "A".

I hope she liked it.
If you like it, please do comment :):)

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